What is your story?

Ours is simple.

VIgiles Group are an award winning company – Delivering open innovation through immersive technology

We are motivated and care about people, tech for good and making a positive impact

Vigiles love solving every day problems using immersive an smart technology deployed on easy to use mobile phones and devices

Vigiles Group deliver the ‘next step’  – adding value  to reporting, community engagement and desk based static or mobile e-learning

At Vigiles we know robust employee engagement and sound company culture are the magic ingredients for a company to thrive and survive – From a survey of over 500 business workers from entry to C-level managers, 91% said gamification improved their work experience by increasing engagement, awareness and productivity*  Leading causes of employee disengagement are associated with company culture and lack of empowerment for employees. When any training is forced, it often fails to engage, motivate or critically change the learners behaviour.

We want to capture the imagination and interest of the 3/4 of employees estimated as not engaged in the workplace. The financial impact of  a disengaged workforce predicted at a $340billion loss to the global economy. In the UK alone, false alarms cost Business and the UK Fire and Rescue Services (FRSS) £1billion annually**

Residents, Students and employees expect readily accessible, mobile, fun learning and engagement – This is where we step in.

We are an award-winning team brought together with common goals. We work closely with global leading tech experts and creative developers. Committed and focused on problem solving, brokering client’s challenges, ideas, and strategy we curate next step immersive mobile reality technology to make a sustainable positive impact.


Vigiles Team 

Vigiles Group Team have senior level management experience in the following areas: Public, Private and Third Sectors – Incorporating – Health,  Education, Legal, Property Services, Construction, Transportation, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Emergency Services and Oil and Gas industry.


Diane CEO – Analyst



Chris – Fire Safety                                    Mark – Engineer



Martin – Finance                                      Harry – Product Development



Employee Expert



Sam – Student UX           Lucy – Innovations


Social Responsibility

We place safety and wellbeing at the heart of our culture and actively seek to work with companies who recognise safety as a core value.

Driven by making a positive impact we recognise and actively shout about the importance of social responsibility and the benefits it can bring to the community, employees, business and the environment.

Never before have collaborations been more important than in todays society to make a sustainable difference.

Vigiles have experience of multi agency project management, delivered with social responsibility at the core.

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*Sources LinkedIn Customer Survey 2016 /Gallup poll 2015  **FIA/Building Reports Survey 2017

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