What is your story?

Ours is simple.

Vigiles Group are an award winning company. Delivering innovation, cultural shift and positivity through mobile immersive technology. We are motivated by people, responsible innovation and using emerging technology for good. Vigiles Group are catalysts for change and positive impact. We support clients commencing or considering the ‘next step’ for digital transformation involving immersive technology. Students, employees and communities expect readily accessible, memorable,  fun, mobile learning and engagement – This is where we step in. Vigiles Group collaborators are brought together with common goals. We work closely with leading tech experts and creative developers. Committed and focused on problem solving.  Understanding and brokering client’s challenges, ideas, and strategy we strive to deliver an agile approach with an entrepreneurial twist.

Vigiles Team

Diane – Founder

Advocate: Tech for Good 

Chris – Health & safety /Fire specialist 

Mark – Engineer  

Construction, Highways, Rail, Nuclear and anything F1

Jess – HR Professional USA/MENA

Lucy – Ideas generator