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We feel simplicity rules – easy access, low complexity engagement with ‘next step’ technology  


A custom mobile app can do wonders for your brand, whether you’re using it for employee productivity, as a social engagement mechanism, or to facilitate things like loyalty or rewards programs


Vigiles Group are making a positive impact using disruptive technology


Our focus on effective design, pioneering technology, and cost-effectiveness throughout our development process makes us a great choice for clients looking to leverage next step mobile technology

At Vigiles Group we take pride in developing custom augmented, merged and virtual reality mobile apps and experiences for B2B & B2C clients that positively engage users via mobile technology to encourage productivity, engagement, learning and memorable entertainment



GetFiredUP – Fire Safety – Mobile app engages the user on a fast paced multi function gaming experience using Augmented Reality – Get the conversations started! – Great for individuals or teams Contact us for more details.


Employees in the workplace 


Hazard Awareness engagement – Mixed Media / Mixed Reality gamification, multiple functions and options – all built into a seamless mobile application for iOS or Android


Building Information Management or BIM is a critical component of Construction, Property Development and Facilities Management. At every stage from project from initiation to complete tours of developments, locations or assets  either stand alone visualisations or embedded with information we deliver. Ready to trailblaze? Go beyond your competitors – talk with us

3D Scanning | 4D modelling | Photogrammetry | CAD | 360 View | Virtual Tours | Virtual Viewings | VR Installations



Google Cardboard The VR Experience  – We are able to supply high quality competitively priced Custom Google certified VR  Cardboard with a commitment to using products as environmentally sustainable as possible. This means the paper in your custom headsets are FSC certified from companies able to demonstrate their compliance with our ethics and recyclability requirements.


COMING SOON – MOE, Means of Escape 

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Do you have an ambitious trailblazing fully immersive project? or eager to explore the next-step on from e-learning? Keen to Innovate?

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