Immersive Impact

The next step for e-learning and user engagement

Safety | Health | Environment & Quality

At Vigiles we know robust employee engagement is a magic ingredient for companies to thrive and survive.

Globally employees are often disengaged and not picking up safety critical behaviours when training is forced or uninspiring.

Our immersive mobile training capture’s the imagination and interest on otherwise dry subjects.

The financial impact of a disengaged workforce is predicted at a $340 billion loss to the global economy.

Smart immersive training for employee engagement is a wise investment for collaborative groups or companies looking for ways to reduce risk, save money with maximum employee positive impact

Reality Technology

Simplicity rules. Jargon free we help companies to understand their why. Supporting decision makers and users to embrace next step immersive technologies.

What we can do for you.

We develop immersive, interactive experiences from which the learner can see, sense and understand the importance of safety risks.

We like our products to be offered on mobile phones and devices giving maximum access to mass users across wide geographical areas. 

What are our goals

Prevention of accidents, reduction of risk 

Economical use of training time and budgets 

Putting people first, safety always.    

Business case

We place people at the forefront of our development.

Working across multiple sectors, we see the big picture and identify where immersive engagement can add, enhance or introduce a new perspective, insights not sustainably achieved via e-learning or video tutorials. 

Our experience enables us to drill down to sector specific problems, and communicate the relevance with stakeholders.  

Through innovation and creative design, sharing and solving every-day problems, reducing risk, saving money whilst increasing morale and motivation. 

Life skills

Einstein is known for saying “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Vigiles found a problem with traditional methods for motivating students with fire safety.

Our creative team listened. Focused on 16-25-year olds. We asked what do you need to engage with learning about serious subjects?

The result, our creation of an augmented reality mobile app GetFiredUP™. The fast-paced immersive mobile game is all about fire safety – what are the risks? GetFiredUP™ is a great mobile platform for sharing of broader lifeskills. Keeping engagement fun, simple and all about memorable user experience.

Are you a company keen to support tech for good? We want to hear from you

Education & Training

It is widely spoken, the future of education will be reshaped by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Immersive Technologies.

Vigiles extended community of content creators can provide immersive solutions whilst helping people to understand the opportunity and impact of immersive and smart technology.

Vigiles Group collaborators believe in enhancing human interaction with technology not replacing it, that is why we put people first.

Collaborate | Curate | Create

Our approach is a three step model contributing towards healthy, sustainable smart cities enabling companies to thrive in competitive markets.

Through next step technology, we support industry to start or continue conversations.

Motivating not enforcing users with learning and managing risks associated with the their environment, wellbeing and safety.