Immersive and smart technology innovation

Engage – Report- Safety – Community – Employee – Resident – Education


Our approach – How we see immersive and smart tech for good engagement.

At Vigiles Group we treat everything a lot like team sports – because mental and physical health are important to us.

Most importantly as you read this would you consider yourself the athlete? coach? or part of the cheering crowd? Do you recognise that everyone has a role, equally valuable for success? Are you curious about immersive technology but nervous or intimidated to ask? You are not alone – Do acronyms like AR, MR, VR, XR, RR and IoT on twitter or emails make you reach for google? Fear not – we can help.

Through disruptive immersive and smart mobile technology we start or continue the conversation; Why? because we enjoy motivating not enforcing resident, community and employee engagement from reporting simple things to make life easier to learning about everyday safety hazards including fire safety or slips trips and falls in the work place.

Vigiles are grounded, because we understand technology should be available really simply with the users felt experience at the centre of all innovation – It should be fun and uncomplicated, making life easier.

Vigiles are doing things differently, raising eyebrows and challenging the norm…

Are you ready for embracing next step technology…?

Would your workplace like an introduction to the world of immersive technology – presented in easy to use language?

Whether you have a clear validated idea to pursue, problem to solve or just curious, please get in touch! Info@vigilesgroup.com


Boswell our friendly loveable dog….loves looking at immersive YouTube videos of cats and rabbits

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